NEW TREC Forms – New Texas Real Estate Forms as of 2014

New TREC Forms

Photo by Jack Keene

As of March 5 2014 the Texas Real Estate Commission have released one new form updated forms with two replacement forms.  Here are the details of these new TREC Forms.

New TREC Forms new release:

47-0 : Addendum for Property in a Propane Gas System Service Area  –  This is essentially a disclaimer that your property may be located in an area that uses propane gas and notice that there may be additional costs associated with getting service and connections for the property.  Its a further disclosure to protect the purchaser.

New TREC Forms Updated:

40-6 : Third Party Financing Addendum for Credit Approval

37-5 : Subdivision Information, Including Resale Certificate for Property Subject to Membership in a Property Owners’ Association


As always these updated forms are included at no additional charge and are updated in our TREC Forms library.  Learn More about our Texas Real Estate Form Filler Software.



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