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Texas Sales Contract

Old Texas Sales Contract

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Are you thinking of selling your house?  Or maybe you are a real estate investor and looking to make an offer on a property.  Or maybe you are like one of the thousands of Texas real estate agents who are looking for an easier way to fill out your Texas sales contracts online.  If you are looking for a simple way to complete the Texas sales contract feel free to sign up for our free Texas real estate software here.   Looking for more information in general then lets start from the beginning.  In Texas the Texas sales contracts are actually provided by the Texas real estate commission.  They provide approved versions of the contracts depending on the details of the real estate transaction you are working with.  There are a number of different versions and we will briefly discuss them below.

Unimproved Property Texas Sales Contract

The unimproved property Texas sales contract is designed to be used for transactions that are related to the sale of land that has not yet been developed.  This would be residential or commercial land that does not have a structure built on it yet.  This would not include condominium properties.

1-4 Family Residential Resale Texas Sales Contract

The majority of the time in residential contracts this is the form that would be used.  This Texas sales contracts involves the sale of residential units when they are under 4 units.  This means that single family homes, as well as duplex, triplex, and quads would be included under this contract.  This does not include condominiums as there is a specific contract intended for this type of property. We actually offer a free solution to fill this out online and you can signup in 5 minutes here. New Home Incomplete Texas Sales Contract Another version of the Texas sales contract is the new home incomplete form.  This form is to be used for

New Home Incomplete Texas Sales Contract

Another version of the Texas sales contract is the New Home Incomplete form.  This form is intended to be used for transactions when you are purchasing a home that has not been constructed or completed yet.  You may be purchasing a home from plans or on spec and this would be the contract that is used.  Note that this contract should not be used for condominium pre-construction transactions and also should not be used if you are closing prior to completion of the construction.

New Home Completed Texas Sales Contract

Similar to the new home incomplete version there is a complete texas sales contract version.  This contract is intended to be used for the purchase of a new home that is completed.  Construction is not remaining but its not being resold from another owner.  This is not to be used in condominium transactions or closings prior to completion of the construction.

Farm and Ranch Texas Sales Contract

When you are looking to sell farm land or a ranch there is a specific form also provided by the State of Texas.  This form is called the Farm and Ranch Contract.  This specific form outlines items that are often a concern on a transaction like this.  There are items such as land rights, utilities and zoning that are more specific and important to a transaction involving farm and ranch land then they would be to a purchaser of a condominium.

Residential Condo Resale Texas Sales Contract

The last of the texas sales contracts is the residential condo resale version.  This form is used when buying or selling a condominium when the transaction does not include a developer or builder.  If you are buying or selling your condo to another owner this would be the version of the form you would be looking to use.

Lastly its important to understand that real estate transactions can be a complicated and expensive ordeal.  If you have concern over how to complete any one of the Texas sales contracts or exactly which version pertains to you we would advise you consult with a professional.  Our real estate form software allows you to easily work with all of the TREC forms required to buy and sell property and you can learn more here about our Texas sales contract software.

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