BULL Forms Texas


AMN Lite

AMN Lite was created for Fannie Mae Listing brokers to be able to generate their Purchase Addendums, Amendments and Terminations online for Free. Within the first week of launching there were over 1500 registrations and thousands of forms generated.

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AMN Forms

The full version of the Fannie Mae Broker product offers all of the Fannie Mae Listing broker forms associated with REO properties. This product includes the BPO that exports to be uploaded into the Fannie Mae REO platform and is used by Fannie Listing agents across the country.

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BPO Forms

Thousands of Residential BPO's are completed daily by agents across the country. This simplified online product offers many of the standardized Broker Price Opinion templates currently used for Short Sales, REO dispositions, and other valuations.

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BULL Forms

Generate your Real Estate forms online including E-Signatures and Unlimited file storage for the Texas TREC Forms and Colorado DORA Forms.

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Short Sale Forms

Generate the forms associated with putting together an effective short sale transaction for many of the largest financial institutions across the country. Keep all of your files in one location and sign documents with built in e-signatures.

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Sign In Blue

E-Signatures should not be difficult. Sign in blue was designed for users to easily upload their documents to our online Electronic Signature platform and send for signature in minutes. Tired of faxing documents or driving across town to get a missed page initialed. Sign In Blue is the simplest online E-Signature process available.

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