Texas Real Estate Forms and Things to Consider

Texas Real Estate Forms

People willing to purchase or sell a home need to enter into contracts, which are legally binding on both the parties. As per Texas law, homebuyers need to sign a TREC or Texas Real Estate Form provided by the Commission unless assisted with an attorney. Each and every section of this contract is extremely important and therefore needs to be clearly understood by both the parties before signing on the dotted lines. Though the following information may not be comprehensive it will still give you an idea of the things that you can expect to see in Texas real estate forms.

Texas Real Estate Forms

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It’s necessary to get some expert advice before signing such an important document such as Texas real estate forms. Purchasing a home is one of the biggest decisions that an individual takes and also probably one of the biggest investments that one makes. Given this importance, it is necessary that one understands every clause before signing it.  Given the complexity and nuances, you should seek the advice of a real estate agent or an attorney in this regard.

If you are using third party financing, then both the buyer and the seller should take special note of paragraph 4(A)(2) of the Contract. This portion of the Texas Real Estate Forms offers buyers the option to choose whether they want to avail third party financing. Even if the buyer chooses not to avail the option or fails to get financing as per the standard Texas real estate forms, then he/she must fulfill the other obligations.

The Contract also requires the buyer to pay an amount as earnest money or additional earnest money. This payment is made by the buyer at the initial stages of the Contract and is a way of reassuring the seller that the buyer is also interested in the property and stands the risk of losing a significant amount if the deal fails. If the buyer fails to deposit the money within a stipulated time, then the buyer would be in default and the seller can cancel the deal as per the terms of the Contract.

An important part of the home buying process is the title insurance policy, generally issued by a title insurance company.  Within the Texas real estate forms there are stipulations for how title is obtained and who pays for these costs.  Title Insurance safeguards buyers from any errors in the title search. In case the title is not as reported then the issuing company will have to reimburse the buyer and pay the amount mentioned in the title insurance document. Such a policy is intended to lower the losses suffered by the buyer owing to errors in the title made in the past.  Based on the options chosen in paragraph 6(A), the seller or the buyer needs to pay for the Policy and is compulsory in cases where third party financing is availed by the buyer.

Texas real estate forms also mention the condition of the property once the process of sale begins. These include details such as the condition of the walls, fences, floors and roof.  As always you should take the time and hire a professional to inspect the property to make sure there are no hidden deficiencies.

The buyer and the seller should carefully look into all these details before going ahead with the deal and as always consult with experts when generating Texas real estate forms.  The transactions are too complicated and costly to jeopardize a mistake that may easily have been fixed with a professional.

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