Types of Real Estate Opportunities in Texas

Texas, with its warm climate and beautiful scenery, has a wide range of real estate opportunities, whether you plan to invest or find your next home. There are many different types of real estate, depending upon where in Texas you look. By understanding the areas, you’ll have a better understanding of what kinds of homes and architecture are available.


Houston is a bustling city, housing more than 2.1 million people in less than 600 square miles. Skyscrapers are the ornaments of the city, with beautiful examples of architecture seen in buildings like the JPMorgan Chase Building and the Bank of America Center. Real estate opportunities for residential homes abound, with beautiful architecture styles. Just a few include Victorian, a highly decorative style, Craftsman, a more modern and traditional look, and Colonial Revival, a beautiful and stately look that is reminiscent of the 1890’s. Texas real estate in this area is pricey, but great deals can be found by researching and watching foreclosure lists.


Austin, the capital city of Texas, is home to just fewer than 800,000 people and one of the most historical cities in the state. Within the city, visitors will see a host of stone buildings that follow Roman building guides, as well as skyscrapers that became popular in the 1900’s. Residential architecture styles include beautiful Victorians and cozy bungalows. The architecture in Austin is also heavily influenced by Spanish and European styles.

San Antonio

San Antonio, with more than 1.3 million residents, is home to the Alamo as well as many beautiful architectural styles. Those who are seeking Texas real estate opportunities in San Antonio will find a huge Spanish influence. Hidden among Spanish-style homes are French and Neo-Classical influences as well as a great deal of modern architecture. The San Antonio skyline is a beautiful blend of old and new buildings that combines to create the unique San Antonio feel. This is a beautiful place to live as well as to invest in real estate.


Dallas is the third largest city in Texas, and one of the most beautiful cities to live in. Dallas offers a wide variety of real estate opportunities as well. Most homes listed in Dallas are single-family homes on lots, thought there are a variety of architectural styles. These vary throughout the different districts, but it’s easy to find Victorian, Neo-Classical, postmodernist architecture, as well as strong Spanish and European influences. While certain districts and neighborhoods are definitely pricier than others, most of Dallas’ real estate can be considered expensive. Finding foreclosures or looking on the outskirts of town is a great way to find more affordable Texas real estate.

While these cities are gorgeous cities to invest in Texas real estate, there are many smaller towns that offer great investment opportunities and wonderful places to live. From the weather to the friendly individuals to the beautiful and diverse architecture styles, Texas is a great place to buy and sell real estate.

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