Texas Real Estate Broker Requirements

Whether you’re thinking of becoming a Texas real estate broker, or you want to make sure your Texas real estate broker is qualified, it’s important to understand the specific state requirements. A trained specialist has information and knowledge that those who are untrained do not have access to, and this is advantageous for the broker, as well as his or her clients.

Real Estate Salesperson

Before an individual can take the Texas broker’s exam, they must be an active real estate salesperson, including having their license, for at least 2 full years. Without being a practicing, licensed real estate salesperson, individuals cannot obtain their broker license.

Training Hours

In addition to having a Texas state real estate salesperson license, individuals must have at least 900 hours of education, including 270 hours in core subjects. Core hours do not include MCE (mandatory continuing education) hours. However, for the remainder of the hours required, both MCE and SAE courses count. In some cases, obtaining a college degree can provide individuals with more than 600 hours.

When to Take Courses

Individuals can take courses at any time while waiting to take the Texas real estate broker’s exam. However, it’s important to count the hours properly, as different types of courses are counted differently. For instance, online courses are additional hours that count toward the total hours needed, and home study courses count too. The best time to take the courses is during the required 2 years as a real estate salesperson.

Additional Information

For individuals who have been licensed real estate salespersons in states other than Texas, the requirement is to have at least 2 years’ experience as a real estate salesperson in the months directly preceding taking the broker exam. A copy of the course transcripts or college transcripts will be required in order to take the Texas real estate broker exam.


In order to take the Texas real estate broker exam, the original application which is required by all applicants costs approximately $360. In addition to that, there is a $10 fee called a Recovery Trust Account that is required by all applicants. In some cases, individuals will need to pay a fee for a background check prior to the test.

Overall, the process to become a real estate broker in Texas isn’t difficult, especially for those who are already qualified real estate professionals. The most difficult aspect of the process is waiting the required two years. However, the experience gained during this two years is important and can help with the future career of the Texas real estate broker.

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