Why Should I Use a TREC Texas Real Estate Form Instead of Trying to Create Something Myself?

TREC Real Estate Forms | TexasTexas real estate transactions happen every single day, which is one of the reasons the Texas Real Estate Commission, or TREC, has compiled a huge number of forms that are to be used with those transactions. You might be wondering why you should utilize the TREC Texas real estate form instead of trying to create a form yourself. There are a number of reasons why it’s beneficial to utilize the pre-created forms available through TREC.

More Efficient

It’s much more efficient and easier for you to utilize the forms available through TREC. The forms can be printed out so you can use them any time a transaction takes place. This saves a lot of time, since you’re not worrying about drafting your own form to use for the transaction. Also, when brokers create their own forms, they should be looked over by real estate attorneys to ensure that the contract is legal and binding. Texas Real Estate Commission forms have already been looked over by attorneys and are legal and binding.

Ensuring Fairness

The TREC forms are created with all parties in mind, to ensure that the transaction taking place is fair to all parties. Individuals who are about to purchase a home or take part in another transaction may take comfort in the fact that the forms they’re signing are approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission. It provides a certain level of credibility for the real estate agent. An agent who creates a form himself or herself may give the other party in the agreement a reason to hesitate.

Types of Forms Available Through the TREC

The TREC has a huge variety of forms available to suit most real estate needs. On the website are license application forms for real estate brokers, inspectors and salespersons. They also have change forms as well as moral character determination forms, inspection report forms, compliant forms, and a great number of miscellaneous forms. You should be able to find the appropriate forms no matter what transaction you’re taking part in. Of course, the TREC has all the necessary contract forms as well, such as notices to prospective buyers, unimproved property contracts, etc.

Finding the Form You Need

The forms are available on the TREC website but unfortunately they are not so easy to fill out. BULL Forms Texas provides a simple easy online real estate form tool to allow you to easily store and fill out your TREC Forms online and email them or print them directly from your computer.  Overall, it’s a good idea to use a TREC form rather than trying to create your own. That way, you can ensure that nothing is overlooked and can provide a good level of comfort for the unlicensed individuals who are participating in the transaction.

Texas Heat – Tricks to Lowering Your Energy Bill in Your House in Texas


Texas Real Estate Contracts

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This summer is gearing up to be one of the hottest summers in recent history. Those who live in Texas understand just how hot it can be, and just how expensive those energy bills can get. This summer, you can lower your energy bills in your house inTexas by implementing a few extra rules and procedures for you and your family.

Invest in Fans

Fans are great heat beaters, and can help lower your energy bill significantly, because they will allow you to keep your thermostat at a higher setting. Consider installing ceiling fans in bedrooms and living areas, and purchase box or oscillating fans to place in rooms to move cool air through.

Block the Sun

A huge amount of energy is used trying to cool homes, especially those with lots of windows that the sun can shine through for a long period of time throughout the day. A great way to lower your energy bill is to block that sun from shining in. There are black out curtains and shades available to do just this. After blocking the sun, you’ll see that your home is noticeably cooler during the day. Awnings are another great way to block the sun, and there are adjustable awnings available so they can be retracted when you don’t want to block the sun.

Using Appliances

Using the dryer or oven during the day can make your air conditioner work harder to keep the house cool, making your energy bill skyrocket. Cook items in a crock pot rather than the oven, and use the dryer only at night. Alternatively, you can place a clothes line outdoors to dry larger items like blankets and sheets. Wash clothes in the cold water cycle so energy isn’t used to heat the water, and make sure you have a full load before washing. Also, make sure you have a full load of dishes before running the dish washer.

Alternatives to Cooking in the Kitchen

Cooking, whether it’s on the stove top or using the oven, can really heat things up in your house. Cook out on the grill a few times a week to avoid this problem. You can also plan cold meals a couple of nights a week, such as sandwiches or microwaveable foods.

Changing Your Air Conditioner Filter

It’s important to maintain your air conditioner to keep it working properly. Residents in Texas should change their air filters at least once a month to ensure that the air can flow properly. Filters are inexpensive and when the air conditioner is properly maintained, it will work more efficiently.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can beat the heat in Texas and keep your home cooler and your energy bills lower.  The cost of your real estate taxes, real estate insurance and mortgage are enough.  These tips can help keep your expenses down.

To Rent or To Buy in Texas: What People are Asking Themselves

Renting or Buying in Texas


Individuals living in or relocating to Texas are often faced with an important question: should they rent a home or purchase a home. There are benefits to each, and it’s important to fully consider both options before deciding on which route is best for you.

The Cost of Rent is Rising

One thing individuals are noticing more and more is that the cost of rent is increasing at a steady pace. In fact, in many places in Texas, renters will pay more per month than an individual paying a house note. The average cost to rent a 3 bedroom home in Texas is well over $1,000 per month. Even a small, 1 bedroom home or apartment can cost over $700. Individuals are growing tired of throwing their money out each month to have nothing to show for it at the end of the year whereas those who are purchasing a home are putting their money toward something that will soon belong to them.

Lower Interest Rates Make Buying Easier

Currently, the interest rates are down, making it easier for individuals to purchase Texas real estate without spending a fortune each month in interest rates. This means that more people are able to purchase a home than in the past decade. This, combined with rising rent costs, is making more individuals lean toward home ownership rather than renting a home. Lower interest rates mean smaller monthly payments and an overall lower price for the majority of homes on the market.

Owning a Home Gives You More Options

Individuals who own their home have more options than those who are renting. Each choice, from painting the living room to putting a pool in the backyard, must be approved by the home owner if you’re a renter. However, if you own the home, you’re entitled to do whatever you want with the property. For families who plan on living in one place in Texas long-term, owning a home is often the best option.

Renting is Unpredictable

While renting has it’s benefits (such as no maintenance), it also has its downfalls. For instance, if you’re renting a home and the owner decides to sell, he or she can give you a 30-day notice and that’s it – you have to find another place to live. This is something you obviously don’t have to worry about if you own your own home.

Owning a Home is an Investment

Perhaps the biggest benefit of owning a home is the investment aspect. Most individuals want a home that they can leave to their children, and renters aren’t able to do this. Those who own a home and want to purchase another have the option of renting out one of their homes for a steady monthly income source. Or, they can improve the home and sell it for a profit.

Overall, the benefits of owning a home in Texas are outstanding and there has never been a better time to purchase a home. Interest rates are low and terms can be adjusted to best suit your individual needs.

UTA Brings Home Third Place at the Annual Texas Shoot-Out Real Estate Competition

Texas Real Estate Contract

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The North Texas Chapter of the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties-Commercial Real Estate Development Association’s yearly Shoot-Out competition took place recently, and among the challengers were five UTA graduate students.

The Competition

The teams were required to turn in plans that would revitalize local real estate. In this particular event, the location was in Downtown Dallas; the site where the Reunion Area once stood. Each team turned in a submission that would include a sustainability aspect as well as revitalize the area and bring in revenue.

The Plans

The UTA team created a plan that included a casino and parking structure as well as a 10-acre public park that would connect theTrinity Riverto the Downtown Dallas Center Business District. Also included would be a development area for retail or restaurants, condos, a baseball park or a multi-purpose entertainment venue that would appeal to individuals of all ages.

The Winners

UTA’s wonderful submission tied with Texas A&M for third place. Some of the other teams includedTexasChristianUniversity,University of North Texas,RiceUniversity,Baylor University,UTDallas, and Southern Methodist University. In first place was UT Austin and Texas Tech took home the title of second place winners. Among so many wonderful and well thought out plans, to take third place is a wonderful accomplishment.

The Team

UTA’s team consisted of Alexander Blue, Coy Blevins, Aldo Fritz, Ryan Reeh and sustainability graduate student Timothy James Smith. The team all worked full time jobs at the time of the planning, and really had to sacrifice to come together and create a wonderful project. Alexander Blue said the plan included the work of each and every member on the team. “The guys I worked with were great,” he said. “They were knowledgeable and the competition was a neat experience.”


The team worked hard to include a sustainability plan for their casino and in the end, would have sought LEED certification for their buildings. LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Platinum certification measures the sustainability and green aspects of the design, construction operations and the maintenance procedures.

This was the first year UTA took part in the competition, and it was without a doubt better for the creative and bright young minds who were included. Overall, they did a wonderful job and made their school and fellow students proud.

The Weather and Storms Have Been Crazy in Texas – Make Sure Your Home is Safe with a Property Inspection

Texas Real Estate Forms

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Homeowners never get excited at the thought of a property inspection. They’re often costly, and finding something that needs to be repaired or addressed in the home is never fun. However, with the weather and storms that Texans have been experiencing, it’s important to make sure the home is safe. Without the inspection, small problems that aren’t noticed could become much worse, and much more expensive.

Benefits of a Texas Home Inspection

Many times, damage occurs that homeowners know nothing about, and without an expert eye for inspections, wouldn’t notice anyway. An inspector has experience finding damage left behind after storms and bad weather, and could notice something that could easily be fixed now, but if left unrepaired, could end up costing a lot more money. Inspections help prevent worse issues from popping up down the line. Home inspections are particularly important for individuals who are considering or who are in the process of selling their homes.

Before Purchasing a Home

Individuals who are considering purchasing a home inTexaswill benefit greatly by having an inspector check out the home before sealing the deal. Especially with the outbreak of recent storms and bad weather, individuals could be biting off more than they can chew if there’s a small problem with the house that could turn into something very large. Home inspections can reveal little issues that could be addressed by the current homeowner to keep the homebuyer from stepping into a money trap.

Home Inspections for Insurance Purposes

Certain types of storms, like tornadoes, have the power to actually rock the home off its foundation without it being noticeable at all. Individuals with insurance may think they can simply file a claim after huge storms cause damage. That’s a good idea, but when an inspector has been brought out to the property, gives a professional assessment of the damage and documents the damage to the property, homeowners have a powerful ally in their corner for dealing with the insurance company. This can prevent you from receiving lowball offers for damage repair, or from getting rejected all together.

Before Selling a Home

Having a home inspection before selling your home inTexasmay help it sell faster. When you’re able to tell potential buyers that the home has been completely inspected and found safe and in great shape, they’re going to be more willing to make a bid on the home. Buyers are so nervous that they’re going to end up purchasing a home that will need a lot of repair that they can be hesitant to bid sometimes. This is especially true for real estate “flippers.” Having inspection documentation before you can go a long way toward helping them decide to go ahead and purchase the home.

Overall, a home inspection inTexasis a great idea after bad storms and bad weather has passed through. It’s beneficial for everyone in any situation – the homeowner, real estate agent and the potential buyer.

Creative Ways to Draw People to a Texas Open House

Texas Real Estate Sales

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Texas real estate agents will typically utilize the standard methods to draw people to their open house; flyers, newspaper advertisements, and signs. However, when you really want to draw the people out to an open house, you might have to use more creative ways to get the message out. This might include using unique incentives to make people want to visit. Thinking of creative ways to draw people to aTexasopen house can help increase your potential of realizing your ultimate goal of selling the home.


Advertising in Unique Ways

To draw a large crowd out to the open house, you’re going to want to advertise in unique ways in order to reach individuals that you wouldn’t reach through traditional methods. This might include advertising the open house online, using sites like Craigslist.com. You can even use social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to advertise the house as well as the incentives you’re going to use during the open house to draw individuals out. In addition to hanging flyers, leave them in strategic places such as the post office, the library, home renovation stores, and similar areas.



Often times, people need a little extra incentive to get motivated. Some Texas real estate agents will have raffles during their open houses, providing that extra incentive. You could offer to give away big ticket items, like televisions or electronic gadgets. One real estate agent had a raffle for a $1000 prize during his massive 53 hour open house. He even had brand new Mercedes Benz vehicles for visitors to test drive during their visit to the open house. Incentives like this are a great way to get individuals out to the Texas open house.



Many real estate agents can’t afford to offer expensive items like televisions, electronic gadgets or similar items. However, one great way to be able to offer these things at Texas open houses is to gain sponsors. Local businesses and organizations in the community may wish to contribute items for giveaways for media mentions, and mentions on websites or advertising literature. Real estate agents will need to contact and network with business owners and individuals in the community in order to garner support for important open houses.


Make it a Celebration

In order to draw individuals out to the open house, make it a celebration rather than a simple open house. You can specifically invite individuals via email and postcards, and can serve refreshments like champagne and hors d’oeurves. A great idea is to make up party favor packets for each individual, with advertising literature (including literature from sponsors) and small promotional gifts. By making the open house into a celebration, those who are interested in purchasing a house will have even more incentive to visit your open house.


By using these creative ways to draw individuals to an open house, you can increase the number of visitors as well as increase the chances that someone will want to purchase the home.

University of Texas Real Estate Expo

University of Texas Real Estate Expo

On March 28, 2012, The University of Texas will once again put on their annual Real Estate Expo. This is a wonderful chance for UTSA students and real estate professionals to mingle and to potentially discuss internships or other real estate related topics and news. Currently, more than 20 companies and organizations are participating, including REEL (Real Estate Entrepreneurs and Leaders) and CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Members).

What to Expect

During the expo, which will be held in the University Center Ballroom, professionals will discuss real estate internships and career opportunities. This gives bright young students a unique opportunity to look into their future and begin planning appropriately. During the 2011 Expo, more than 100 students were present to discuss internship opportunities with nearly 30 real estate companies and organizations. All real estate professionals and companies are invited to attend, and will be given a free table to display banners and other promotional materials.

The Benefits of an Internship

There are numerous internship benefits to both students and real estate professionals and companies. UTSA students get the chance to learn their industry hands on; gaining valuable experience and knowledge that will help them throughout their real estate career. Real estate companies get the benefit of an extra pair of helpful hands or eyes, and making the difference in a student’s life. Internships are often no pay or little pay, because the greatest compensation is the experience the student gains.

How Real Estate Professionals Should Prepare

Attending theUniversityofTexas Real Estate Expois very similar to a job interview for the students. They will be dressed to impress and most will have a copy of their resume handy. Companies should be prepared to provide students with an overview of their company as well as the benefits of doing an internship with the company. This might include things they will learn during an internship, what types of hands-on activities they will participate in, and more. If an internship could potentially lead into a job opportunity, companies and professionals should be sure to mention that to students as well.

Additional Information

The Expo will take place between the hours of 3pm and 6pm, and attendance is completely free. Companies or professionals who are interested in taking part in the Expo should contact Laura Gilliland at (210) 458-7333 or at [email protected]. Companies are encouraged to bring signs and banners to attract the students’ attention to their particular booth, as well as other promotional or educational tools as needed.

Overall, it’s a great opportunity for companies to gain hard working, dedicated individuals to intern and develop essential job skills that will serve them for years to come.

Long Term Price Appreciation in Texas Real Estate

Texas Real Estate Appreciation

While the overall appreciation forecast for all 50 states is -1.79%, the forecast in each state varies greatly. While Texas real estate prices are on track to fall closely in line with those of the rest of the country, it’s important for real estate professionals to take a closer look.


In the last quarter of 2011, the prices of homes in Dallas were ranked about 145, with an appreciation of 1.22%. This is in comparison to the best market, located in Lewiston,Idaho, with an appreciation of 7.64%.Dallas performed much better than the bottom slot on the list, which is home to Sumter,South Carolina and its appreciation of -5.30%. It’s predicted that the house prices in Dallas will be dropping even further, all the way through to the end of 2014.

Austin/Round Rock/San Marcos

The Austin area in Texas performed similarly to Dallas, and the future forecasts are expected to be similar as well.Austin’s home prices were ranked at 176, with an overall appreciation of 0.89%. To illustrate the long-term appreciation in the Austin area, they were ranked 13 within the last 5 years and carried an appreciation of 9.9%. The long-term forecast for the Austin area is that the prices will be going even further down.

Houston/Sugar Land/Bay Town

In the last quarter of 2011, the home prices in Houston were ranked 133, with an appreciation of 1.33%. Using these numbers, the forecast through 2014 is that the prices are going to fall even lower, just like the areas of Austin and Dallas. This is good news for those who plan on buying a house in the near future, but can be tricky for those who plan to sell their homes.

San Antonio/New Braunfels

During the last quarter of 2011,San Antonio home prices were ranked about 315, with an appreciation of -0.68%. In the last 5 years,San Antonio has been ranked as far up as 40, with an appreciation of 6.5%. However, the future forecast for the next several years is that the home prices in San Antonio will drop even further.

Economic Forecasts Nationwide

The drop in housing prices is due in part to several different factors, and the forecasts are created by looking at each of those factors. The values of homes in the past 12 months as well as the changes in the 30 and 15 year mortgage rate interest are factored in. So are the national crude oil prices and natural gas prices, as well as the value of the dollar and the unemployment rate.

In any case, within the next several years, the house prices in Texas will be falling. Individuals who are considering purchasing a home should attempt to do it within that time to take advantage of the low prices all over the state of Texas.

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10 Steps to Consider When You’re Going to List Your Home in Texas for Sale

Texas house for sale

List Your Home in Texas for Sale

Before listing your home for sale in Texas, it’s important to consider the best way to present it to potential homebuyers. By creating a game plan and following these 10 steps, you can set yourself up for the best possible results.

1. Agent or No Agent

The first thing you’ll want to consider is whether to hire an agent to help you sell your Texas home. An agent can bring experience and knowledge of the local housing market and trends to the table, helping offer advice and suggestions that might make it a lot easier to sell your home.

2. What is the Asking Price?

One of the most important things you’ll want to consider is how to price your home for sale. The best way to do this is to look at similar homes for sale in the area and their asking prices. Keep within a similar range and slightly below the appraised value. This lets individuals know they’re getting a great deal on the home. Also, pricing above what you really want is key, since people will try to negotiate down.

3. How Will You Market It?

When trying to sell a home in Texas, one of the most important things you need is a marketing plan. Consider your budget as well as the best ways to advertise for your specific Texas region. Some ideas to consider include the newspaper, trade ads, and online methods like Craigslist.com.

4. Does Your Home Have Curb Appeal?

Stand out by the street and look at your home from a stranger’s point of view. Is the paint fresh and are the bushes and trees trimmed? Is the grass cut and leaves removed? Is the home attractive from the street? This is the first impression others will receive, so it’s important that it’s a good one.

5. Are All Personal Items Removed?

Individuals want to imagine their own belongings in a home they’re considering on buying, and it’s very difficult to do that with other personal belongings already there. Make sure all photographs and personal items are removed and that the home is staged so that it acts as a blank canvas for the mind of a potential homebuyer.

6. Has Your Home Been Inspected?

Many homeowners have their homes inspected before listing them, in order to ensure that everything is in a functioning state and that the home is in general good shape. This can prevent future problems and potential buyer issues.

7. Market to Retirees

One of the ways individuals have successfully sold their Texas homes is by marketing them to retirees. Individuals who are retiring are looking for warm, gorgeous weather, which Texas is famous for. To reach this target market, consider advertising online, especially on social networking sites.

8. Handyman Special?

One great way to sell a Texas home without having to do much repair work is to advertise it as a handyman special. Individuals in Texas are often known for their ability to fix things up and repair small problems easily.

9. Consider Unique Benefits

Each house has something about it that is unique and will appeal to individuals. If the home is a mile from the nearest neighbors, it can be advertised as “in the country” and “peaceful.” If a home is in the middle of town, adding something like, “An eight of a mile from the local Starbucks” will appeal to individuals who are looking for that kind of home.

10. Open House?

An open house can be a great way to reach out to individuals who might be interested in your home. Advertise the open house and make sure the home is staged and clean before entertaining potential homeowners.

Overall, these 10 things to consider when selling a Texas home will help tip the odds in your favor for a quick closing.

TREC has updated their forms again. Effective March 1st

TREC or the Texas Real Estate commission has updated their forms again.  Below is a list of the updates and what has changed.  Some of the changes are minor and merely are phone number and website changes while others are substantial changes in the body of the forms.  Rest assured we will have the forms changed in the system.

TREC No. 20-10 (TAR 1601) 1-4 Family Residential Contract (Resale)
Paragraph 6.B: adds a sentence regarding the buyer’s ability to terminate the contract if the
commitment and exception documents are not delivered within the time required, which was deleted
from paragraph 15;
paragraph 6.D: adds the phrase “by Buyer” for clarity;
paragraph 6.E.(2): adds additional disclosures required by amendments to §207.003, Property Code;
new subparagraph 6.E.(8): adds new statutory disclosure regarding private transfer fee obligations;
paragraph 7.A: adds a new requirement for a seller to have utilities turned on and kept on while the
contract is in effect;
Paragraph 7.F: changes a phrase regarding the buyer’s remedies if the seller fails to complete agreed
repairs and treatments prior to the closing date; the new text provides that the buyer may exercise
remedies under paragraph 15 or extend the closing date up to 15 days to allow the seller to complete
the repairs;
Paragraph 15: delete the sentence regarding seller’s failure to make non-casualty repairs or deliver the
commitment or survey. The sentence was moved to paragraph 6.B.
TREC No. 23-11 (TAR 1603) New Home Contract (Incomplete Construction)
Same as for TREC No. 20-10 except that there are no amendments to paragraphs 7.A. or 7.E.
TREC No. 24-11 (TAR 1604) New Home Contract (Completed Construction)
Same as for TREC No. 20-10
TREC No. 30-9 (TAR 1605) Residential Condominium Contract (Resale)
Same as for TREC No. 20-10 except that 6.E.2 is not amended
TREC No. 9-9 (TAR 1607) Unimproved Property Contract
Same as for TREC No. 20-10
TREC No. 25-8 (TAR 1701) Farm and Ranch Contract
Same as for TREC No. 20-10 except that 6.E.2 is not amended TREC No. 39-6 (TAR 1903) Amendment
Paragraph 8 is changed to reference the correct title to TREC No. 40-3
TREC No. 37-4 (TAR 1923) Subdivision Information, Including Resale Certificate for Property
Paragraphs D, H, and I are amended to track statutory changes to Ch. 207

This is a list of forms that just had the contact information changed on them.

TREC No. 40-3 (TAR 1901) Third Party Financing Addendum for Credit Approval
TREC No. 38-3 (TAR 1902) Notice of Termination of Contract
TREC No. 44-0 (TAR 1905) Addendum for Reservation of Oil, Gas, and Other Minerals
TREC No. 10-5 (TAR 1908) Sale of Other Property by Buyer
TREC No. 11-6 (TAR 1909) Addendum for Back-Up Contract
TREC No. 15-4 (TAR 1910) Seller’s Temporary Residential Lease
TREC No. 16-4 (TAR 1911) Buyer’s Temporary Residential Lease
TREC No. 26-4 (TAR 1914) Seller Financing Addendum
TREC No. 33-1 (TAR 1915) Addendum for Coastal Area Property
TREC No. 34-3 (TAR 1916) Addendum for Property Located Seaward of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway
TREC No. 28-1 (TAR 1917) Environmental Assessment, Threatened or Endangered Species
TREC No. 45-0 (TAR 1918) Short Sale Addendum
TREC No. 41-1 (TAR 1919) Loan Assumption Addendum
TREC No. 12-2 (TAR 1920) Release of Liability on Assumed Loan and/or Restoration of Seller’s VA
TREC No. 32-2 (TAR 1921) Condominium Resale Certificate
TREC No. OP-I (TAR 2504) Consumer Notice Concerning Hazards or Repairs
TREC NO. OP-K (TAR 2501) Information About Brokerage Services
TREC No. OP-L (TAR 1906) Addendum For Seller’s Disclosure of Information On Lead-Based Paint
TREC No. OP-M (TAR 1924) Non-Realty Items Addendum to Contract