Creative Ways to Draw People to a Texas Open House

Texas Real Estate Sales

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Texas real estate agents will typically utilize the standard methods to draw people to their open house; flyers, newspaper advertisements, and signs. However, when you really want to draw the people out to an open house, you might have to use more creative ways to get the message out. This might include using unique incentives to make people want to visit. Thinking of creative ways to draw people to aTexasopen house can help increase your potential of realizing your ultimate goal of selling the home.


Advertising in Unique Ways

To draw a large crowd out to the open house, you’re going to want to advertise in unique ways in order to reach individuals that you wouldn’t reach through traditional methods. This might include advertising the open house online, using sites like You can even use social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to advertise the house as well as the incentives you’re going to use during the open house to draw individuals out. In addition to hanging flyers, leave them in strategic places such as the post office, the library, home renovation stores, and similar areas.



Often times, people need a little extra incentive to get motivated. Some Texas real estate agents will have raffles during their open houses, providing that extra incentive. You could offer to give away big ticket items, like televisions or electronic gadgets. One real estate agent had a raffle for a $1000 prize during his massive 53 hour open house. He even had brand new Mercedes Benz vehicles for visitors to test drive during their visit to the open house. Incentives like this are a great way to get individuals out to the Texas open house.



Many real estate agents can’t afford to offer expensive items like televisions, electronic gadgets or similar items. However, one great way to be able to offer these things at Texas open houses is to gain sponsors. Local businesses and organizations in the community may wish to contribute items for giveaways for media mentions, and mentions on websites or advertising literature. Real estate agents will need to contact and network with business owners and individuals in the community in order to garner support for important open houses.


Make it a Celebration

In order to draw individuals out to the open house, make it a celebration rather than a simple open house. You can specifically invite individuals via email and postcards, and can serve refreshments like champagne and hors d’oeurves. A great idea is to make up party favor packets for each individual, with advertising literature (including literature from sponsors) and small promotional gifts. By making the open house into a celebration, those who are interested in purchasing a house will have even more incentive to visit your open house.


By using these creative ways to draw individuals to an open house, you can increase the number of visitors as well as increase the chances that someone will want to purchase the home.

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