TREC has updated their forms again. Effective March 1st

TREC or the Texas Real Estate commission has updated their forms again.  Below is a list of the updates and what has changed.  Some of the changes are minor and merely are phone number and website changes while others are substantial changes in the body of the forms.  Rest assured we will have the forms changed in the system.

TREC No. 20-10 (TAR 1601) 1-4 Family Residential Contract (Resale)
Paragraph 6.B: adds a sentence regarding the buyer’s ability to terminate the contract if the
commitment and exception documents are not delivered within the time required, which was deleted
from paragraph 15;
paragraph 6.D: adds the phrase “by Buyer” for clarity;
paragraph 6.E.(2): adds additional disclosures required by amendments to §207.003, Property Code;
new subparagraph 6.E.(8): adds new statutory disclosure regarding private transfer fee obligations;
paragraph 7.A: adds a new requirement for a seller to have utilities turned on and kept on while the
contract is in effect;
Paragraph 7.F: changes a phrase regarding the buyer’s remedies if the seller fails to complete agreed
repairs and treatments prior to the closing date; the new text provides that the buyer may exercise
remedies under paragraph 15 or extend the closing date up to 15 days to allow the seller to complete
the repairs;
Paragraph 15: delete the sentence regarding seller’s failure to make non-casualty repairs or deliver the
commitment or survey. The sentence was moved to paragraph 6.B.
TREC No. 23-11 (TAR 1603) New Home Contract (Incomplete Construction)
Same as for TREC No. 20-10 except that there are no amendments to paragraphs 7.A. or 7.E.
TREC No. 24-11 (TAR 1604) New Home Contract (Completed Construction)
Same as for TREC No. 20-10
TREC No. 30-9 (TAR 1605) Residential Condominium Contract (Resale)
Same as for TREC No. 20-10 except that 6.E.2 is not amended
TREC No. 9-9 (TAR 1607) Unimproved Property Contract
Same as for TREC No. 20-10
TREC No. 25-8 (TAR 1701) Farm and Ranch Contract
Same as for TREC No. 20-10 except that 6.E.2 is not amended TREC No. 39-6 (TAR 1903) Amendment
Paragraph 8 is changed to reference the correct title to TREC No. 40-3
TREC No. 37-4 (TAR 1923) Subdivision Information, Including Resale Certificate for Property
Paragraphs D, H, and I are amended to track statutory changes to Ch. 207

This is a list of forms that just had the contact information changed on them.

TREC No. 40-3 (TAR 1901) Third Party Financing Addendum for Credit Approval
TREC No. 38-3 (TAR 1902) Notice of Termination of Contract
TREC No. 44-0 (TAR 1905) Addendum for Reservation of Oil, Gas, and Other Minerals
TREC No. 10-5 (TAR 1908) Sale of Other Property by Buyer
TREC No. 11-6 (TAR 1909) Addendum for Back-Up Contract
TREC No. 15-4 (TAR 1910) Seller’s Temporary Residential Lease
TREC No. 16-4 (TAR 1911) Buyer’s Temporary Residential Lease
TREC No. 26-4 (TAR 1914) Seller Financing Addendum
TREC No. 33-1 (TAR 1915) Addendum for Coastal Area Property
TREC No. 34-3 (TAR 1916) Addendum for Property Located Seaward of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway
TREC No. 28-1 (TAR 1917) Environmental Assessment, Threatened or Endangered Species
TREC No. 45-0 (TAR 1918) Short Sale Addendum
TREC No. 41-1 (TAR 1919) Loan Assumption Addendum
TREC No. 12-2 (TAR 1920) Release of Liability on Assumed Loan and/or Restoration of Seller’s VA
TREC No. 32-2 (TAR 1921) Condominium Resale Certificate
TREC No. OP-I (TAR 2504) Consumer Notice Concerning Hazards or Repairs
TREC NO. OP-K (TAR 2501) Information About Brokerage Services
TREC No. OP-L (TAR 1906) Addendum For Seller’s Disclosure of Information On Lead-Based Paint
TREC No. OP-M (TAR 1924) Non-Realty Items Addendum to Contract


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