TREC Contracts Clause Library

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As of last week BULL Forms Texas enabled a clause library available for all TREC Texas Contracts. As with most features, we try to make them as easy to use as possible. Let’s take a brief walkthrough of the feature.

You can use the clause library to insert your favorite clauses in any field where you see the green + next to field label, like this one:

Texas TREC Forms clause library icon

When you click on the green + button, the clause library will open:

Texas TREC Forms clause library main

From within this window you can create, edit, delete and insert clauses into your TREC Texas Contracts. To add a new clause click on the add new button near the top right corner of the window:

Texas TREC forms clause library main add new

When adding a new clause, you select a title for your clause and enter as much text as you like into the content. If you are inserting a long clause into a small field the text will cut off, so please ensure you pay attention where you are inserting your clauses.

Texas TREC Forms clause library add new view

Once the new clause is added it will appear in your main clause library window. When you are ready to insert a clause into the TREC Texas Contract, select the clause you would like to insert and click on the “insert clause” button as illustrated below:

Texas TREC Forms clause library insert

The clause will automatically be inserted into the field.  If there is text currently in the field, the inserted clause is appended to the end of the current text.

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